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ABBA - Bang A Boomerang

INTRO:   F     Bb    C     F             Bb      C

   C      Bb                                        F
Makin somebody happy is a question of give and take
             Bb                                              F
You can learn how to show it so come on give yourself a break
Dm                        A   Dm
Every smile every little touch
Don't you know that it means so much
Sweet sweet kisses so tender
Always will return to sender like a


F                   C                 Gm
Bang a boomer boomerang dum mi dum dum
    C7                       F             C
Mi dum mi dum dum a bang a boomer boomerang
    Gm                    C7
Love is a tune you hum mi hum hum
        F             F/Eb
By givin away I think you'll learn
Bb                          G7   F
You'll get love in return so bang
          C                   Bb              C7
A boomer boomerang is love a boomer boomerang
Is love


                    F                  Bb  F
And if you're warm and tender I'll kiss you
       C                    D
Return to sender, please surrender


G                 D
Bang a boomer boomerang
    Am                  D7
Dum mi dum dum mi dum mi dum dum a
G                D             C
Bang a boomer boomerang is love
     D                    G
A boomer boomerang is love.

VERSE 2:  

Love is always around and you can look for it anywhere.
When you feel that you've found
it my advice is to take good care.
Never use it as a selfish tool, never ever be such a fool.
Every feeling you're showing, is a boomerang you're throwing

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