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Clash - Bank Robber

Guitar:		---------------------------------------------

bass:		----------------------------------------------

Guitar:		---------------------------------------------------

bass:		----------------------------------------------------

		G              C      G
		My Daddy was a bankrobber
		G                   C G (is this G here right?)
		But he never hurt nobody
		G                C         G
		He just loved to live that way
		       C        D          G
		And he loved to steal your money
		G                 C       G
		Some is rich, and some is poor
		G                  C     G (eh?)
		That's the way the world is
		G                      C     G
		But I don't believe in lying back
		C          D        G
		Sayin' how bad your luck is
		So we came to jazz it up
		We never loved a shovel
		Break your back to earn your pay
		An' don't forget to grovel
		The old man spoke up in a bar
		Said I never been in prison
		A lifetime serving one machine
		Is ten times worse than prison
		Imagine if all the boys in jail
		Could get out now together
		Whadda you think they'd want to say to us?
		While we was being clever
		Someday you'll meet your rocking chair
		Cos that's where we're spinning
		There's no point to wanna comb your hair
		When it's grey and thinning
		Run rabbit run
		Strike out boys, for the hills
		I can find that hole in the wall
		And I know that they never will

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