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Clash - Jimmie Jazz

		Well, here it is. I looked everywhere for the tabs for this song, and
		have only found the bass tab. So, here's my version. The solo sounds
		good to me, but by all means, let me know if you have a better way of
		playing this song.

Chords:		E--0----0----2-----2---
		   A    E    F#m   D

		The chord progression throughout the whole song is this:
		(all these chords are strummed 3x)   A  F#m   A  D   A  E
		(these are each strummed once)       A D A E

		     A                  F#m
		The police walked in for Jimmy Jazz
		   A                      D
		I said, he ain't here, but he sure went past
		A                     E      A   D  A  E
		Oh, you're looking for Jimmy Jazz
		A             F#m
		Sattamassagana for Jimmy Dread
		A                        D
		Cut off his ears and chop off his head
		A                     E      A   D   A  E
		Police cam looking for Jimmy Jazz
		A                                F#m
		So if you're gonna take a message 'cross the town
		A                          D
		Maybe put it down somewhere over the other side
		A             E      A  D  A  E
		See it gets to Jimmy Jazz
		A                    F#m
		Don't you bother me, not anymore
		A                     D
		I can't take this tale, oh, no more
		A              E       A   D  A  E
		It's all around, Jimmy Jazz
		A       F#m A       D
		J-a-zee zee J-a-zed zed
		A        E          A   D  A  E
		J-a-zed zed Jimmy Jazz
		And then it sucks, he said, suck that
		A         F#m          A
		So go look all around, you can try your luck, brother
		And see what you found
		      A            E              A        D    A
		But I guarantee you it ain't your day your day, it ain't
		your day.
		Chop Chop!

Solo:		E----------------------------------------------5s0--------


		There's another riff played after the solo, but it's pretty much the same
		type of scale thingy. I hope this makes some sense to you. The Clash rule!

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