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Chuck Berry - Nadine

		Played as a basic rock and roll shuffle

		I got on a city bus and found a vacant seat, thought I saw my future bride
		walking up the street, I shouted to the driver hey conductor, you must slow
		down. I think I see her please let me off this bus

		        A                A         B9                     A              E7
CHORUS:		Nadine, honey is that you.  Oh, Nadine. Honey, is that you? Seems like every
		time I see you Darling you got something else to do
		(Alternate verse: Seems like every time I catch you, datcha you're up to
		something new)


		Downtown searching for her, looking all around. Saw her getting in a yellow
		cab heading up town. I caught  a loaded taxi, paid up everybody's tab. With a
		twenty dollar bill, told him 'catch that yellow cab.'


		She move around like a wave of summer breeze, go, driver, go, go, catch her
		balmy breeze. Moving thru the traffic like a mounted cavalier. Leaning out
		the taxi window trying to make her hear.


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