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Deep Purple - King Of Dreams

		It doesn't matter if I'm right or wrong
		It really doesn't mean a thing
		It doesn't matter if you like my song
		Em7  D/F#          A
		As long as you can hear me sing
		'Cause I'm the thorn in every little girl's rose
		You know I cut but never bleed
		A shadow in the night, pure delight
		Em7  D/F#          A               Am
		I can satisfy your every need
		      Em       C              Am      D
		I'm a real smooth dancer, I'm fantasy man
		Em          C             Am          D
		Master of illusion, magic touch in my hand
		        Em         C            Am        D
		All the stages are empty when I steal the scenes

		Em          C     Am          D      Em

		A beggar of love, second hand hero...King of Dreams
		Don't make a difference what you got
		It doesn't matter what you lose
		Don't make a difference if you like it or not
		Em7    D/F#    A
		Baby I'm gonna change your attitude
		'Cause all around me there is mystery and wonder
		Now can't you see it in my eyes
		I'll crack the sky, make you feel the thunder
		Em7       D/F#           A                  Am
		You'll never see through my disguise

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