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Flying Burrito Brothers - Man In The Fog

D                            A
She calls me the man in the fog
C                          G
Take me she says just one time
    Bb                         F
Our seats our so close in the dark
And this feeling's not mine
I can't stop this feeling's not mine
D                         A
I came by her place once before
C                          G
Thought I would go for a ride
  Bb                            F
I saw through the screen on the door how
Her old mama cried
She wouldn't let me inside


D                        A
My daughter is in such a fog
    C                    G
She seems to be under a spell
     Bb                   F                  A
It's all I can do just to keep you away if I can
Soon as you're gone she'll be well
D                        A
A note came along in the mail
C                     G
Be under my window at nine
  Bb                     F
I got up the money for bail
Baby, everything's fine
We're gonna make it this time


D                      A
We can get lost in the crowd
C                 G
Places we already know
Like all the parks
        F                        A
And the taverns where old people go
Waiting for winter's white snow

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