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Fugazi - Turnover

		For the intro, you have to hit the harmonic with the volume down, and
		swell to full. Then *after* you stop the harmonic, crank your volume
		down again, hit the other, swell. Stop, turn down volume, and repeat.
		I recommend using a volume pedal, if you don't have one, GET ONE! They're
		really useful. I use mine all to hell.
		For the second part, turn on max distortion, try a little chorus maybe. I
		don't have a chorus effect, you might want to try it. Also, try making
		lots of string noise sliding and such.  The riff is meant to be slid, i
		guess. I slide somewhat.

		   Intro                Verse
		    harm.     harm.
		That's all i have for now. I'm working on the chorus and solo. It's
		an interesting solo.....sounds like a chugging-type guitar riff, and a
		solo-ish bass riff. Hmmm....

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